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Friday, January 2, 2015

Review of To Fall in Love Again

Now this is a story that I can identify with. When I was young, I found myself unexpectedly widowed and it still crushes me to this day. I felt it was my duty not to get married to anyone else (despite a conversation we had when he was alive). Still I was young and wanted to have a loving companion. Finally, I met a man who was compassionate and seemed to be able to do anything (both things Husband and my first love had/have in common). So, Love does find some people twice and there is sadness and beauty and new beginnings.

In this story, Drew and Amy lost their spouses for entirely different reasons. Drew went through a process where he lost bit by devastating bit. And...I kind of wonder if Amy ever had her spouse to begin with. One of them embraces healing and the other goes through a breakdown of sorts. Everyone has an opinion on the relationship that Drew and Amy seems to be true love and then all the doubts set in. There are friends, enemies, and even the diseased spouses weighing in on the topic or how they feel relationships should be. Among Amy's strongest advocates is Drew's grandson....I just wanted to hug this little fictional boy. 

And, as I sit typing this, I realize that Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust" will now be going through my head for days.
5 out of 5 stars for pulling at my heartstrings and making me think important things. :-)
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